Five reasons you need personalised dressing gowns

by VoiceofPlay 21. February 2017 12:05

So, you’ve been wondering why you should play for the Justplay birthday swag? I mean, what is birthday swag anyway? It’s luxury, comfort, coolness and epic-ness all rolled into one, fluffy package: a personalised dressing gown. Check out these reasons why we think you need one and play to get in on the action.

Win a bathrobeFeel like a pimp
Yeah, I wear a shiny, soft gown. Yeah, it has my name on it. No, I’m not embarrassed by it. I rock this. Who’s the (wo)man? I am!

Help your partner to not forget your name
Because not knowing is just awkward. Avoid awkward.

‘Cause monograms are fancy
You don’t have to go for boring initials or Mr & Mrs embroidery. Be original, I mean, who wouldn’t want their gowns to say Mac & Cheese, Gin & Tonic, Sheldon & Leonard, Starsky & Hutch or Yin & Yang? The world is your oyster. Have fun!

They’re so fluffy
Drown in the comfort of luxurious, super soft and warm fleece all over your body.

No need for pyjamas
No more putting on pants and a shirt at home. One-garment-living is what it’s all about. Especially when it’s getting cold outside. It’s the epitome of comfort, don’t you think?

Oh, you read until the end? You must really love personalised gowns. Go play now to stand a chance to win your own set. Start thinking about some monograms, yo!

Win personalised dressing gowns

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