Pump up the epic-ness at your pool party

by VoiceofPlay 5. December 2016 11:02

Summer is well and truly here and we’re counting the days to the official start of the holidays. If you’re anything like us, you’re already planning four pool parties this holiday but there are a few things you’ll need to make your party incredibly, gobsmackingly, fantasticly, and amazingly unforgettable. That’s why we came up with a few essentials you absolutely need to make your pool party the pool party that everyone wants to go to.

It’s gonna be the Best. Summer. Ever. You’re welcome.

Pool noodles are so 90s and flat lilos have no imagination. No, you need the lilo of all lilos. Think floating donuts, swans, and pizza slices. Play for the Justplay summer style prize and you can win a donut lilo and more summery awesomeness.

Win a donut lilo and summer style prizeCocktails
Ice cold pink drinks with umbrellas, fruit pieces and drops of condensation on the glass. Mmm… Excuse me while I go make myself one.

Bangin’ tunes
Start working on that playlist and make sure your speakers are strong enough. Tunes are essential to get any party started and keep it going…

The hottest sunnies
It’s the easiest way to look amazing and be kind to your eyes. Get the season’s newest fashions on your eyes and style away! Play for shopping vouchers at the mall of your choice and Justplay will buy your favourite pair for you.

Win an ice cream kit with JustplayIce cream
If we could eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner, we would. Don’t attempt a pool party without an infinite stock of this deliciousness, and if you really want to impress, make your own! Play on Justplay to win your very own ice cream kit and wow friends with your lollie-making skills.

Ice, ice baby
Lukewarm drinks are sure to be a black mark on your party. You want your drink ice cold so make sure you have loads and loads of ice to keep your drinks cool. It’ll be the only cold thing around.


If it’s not on Instagram it didn’t happen, so take as many selfies as possible with your friends. But a phone next to the pool can be risky so you need something that’s water resistant and stylish. Enter the iPhone 7. It just so happens to be water resistant and stylish AND you can play for one now on the Justplay website.

Barefoot is best, but if you have to wear shoes this summer you don’t want to be seen wearing anything but Havaianas. Cool, stylish, and comfortable, get yours in Justplay’s summer style prize and you can choose the pair of your choice.

Best pool party everSunscreen
Don’t look like a prawn after one day in the sun. Protect your skin and get a great tan. Burning is for pale northern hemisphere visitors. Don’t be that guy.

Pizza at a pool party just won’t do. Neither will pie. You need fire. You need meat. You need potato salad. Do it. It’s the right thing to do.

So there, you now know how to make your pool party epic and where to get most of the essentials for free. Start prepping now and make sure you play on Justplay for all these summery prizes and win!

Host the best pool party ever


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