3 Ways to reduce your risk of breast cancer

by VoiceofPlay 28. September 2016 11:28

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. This is something that’s important to us at Justplay, so in the spirit of awareness, here are 3 things you can do to lower your chances of developing breast cancer.

Avoid alcohol and cigarettes

Both drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes have been shown to increase your chances of developing breast cancer. Limit yourself to only one drink per day and if you smoke, it’s time to ditch the habit. The good news is this won’t only lower your chances of developing cancer, it’ll improve your overall health too.


Breastfeeding may help prevent breast cancer, especially if you breastfeed for longer than a year. And it’s good for your baby!

Exercise and control your weight

Being overweight or obese greatly increases your risk of breast cancer, especially if you start picking up weight later in life, after menopause. Turns out regular, physical exercise and healthy eating habits can do more than give you a bikini body…

Unfortunately, no matter what you do, there will always still be a risk to develop breast cancer. That’s why it’s incredibly important to check your breasts every month for any lumps and to regularly go for check-ups at your doctor.

The good news is we’re giving away R5,000 cash that you can use to go for a check-up this month. Play now on Justplay to win and do the right thing this October.

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