3 Ways to celebrate Heritage Day

by VoiceofPlay 23. September 2016 08:51
South Africa is one of the most diverse places in the world and each year we get the opportunity to celebrate our different backgrounds on 24 September. In case you didn’t know, that’s tomorrow, so here are 3 things you can do to celebrate your heritage this year. 

South African flag1. Remember Shaka Zulu
24 September used to be called Shaka day and celebrated the kingdom of this well-known Zulu king. Read a book about this incredible piece of history or watch the harrowing movie about Shaka’s life and legacy.

2. Learn new words
South Africa has 11 official languages and chances are you can only speak one or two of them. Find a friend who speaks a local language you can’t, and learn a few phrases from him/her. It might just be the start of learning a brand new language.
3. Have a braai
Yes, Heritage Day is also known as National Braai Day and the smell of burning charcoal and frying meat is something almost all South Africans have in common. The smell of a braai is going to be everywhere tomorrow so you might as well join in the fun.
And if your fridge is empty after the braai, we have a R5,000 Woolworths voucher you can win and use to restock your fridge after the celebrations.
Happy Heritage Day and enjoy whatever you do to celebrate your heritage!

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