Six tips to save fuel and money

by VoiceofPlay 9. May 2016 12:09

We’ve just come to the end of public holiday season in South Africa and you’re likely recovering from sky-high fuel bills after taking many a road trip as we skipped from one long weekend and school holiday to the next.

On top of this, global oil prices are recovering and even though the rand is stronger now than it was a few months ago, it is still at its weakest levels in years and the South African fuel price is indicative of our struggling economy. And although most of us would like to simply buy a Tesla and never pay for fuel again, we’re still some time away from getting to that point in South Africa.

So how will you recover from weeks of road tripping in a fuel-guzzling car? We’ve put together a few tips to help you keep your fuel bill as low as possible for the rest of the year and into the future.

1. Inflate your tyres
Not only when you’re hitting the long road, the correct tyre pressure will improve your fuel efficiency and make your tyres last longer. Win-win!

2. Use your hand brake to take off on a slope
When you stop on an uphill, use your hand brake and take off when the light is green. We know you’d like to show off your amazing clutch control skills but fighting gravity like this only guzzles more fuel.

3. Stick to the speed limit
Yep, it might be frustrating to stick to 80km/h on the N1 leaving Cape Town, but it will help you use less fuel. And you’ll avoid speeding fines.

4. Avoid rush hour
We know, you don’t sit in traffic each day as part of a conspiracy to clog up the highways each morning and afternoon, but if you can, avoid the busiest times of the day on the road. A great way to do this is by buddying up with someone at work and car pool, or you could even try public transport!

5. Don’t carry unnecessary weight
You know that box of books in the back of the car you’ve been meaning to donate for months and the roof rack you’ve been too busy to remove? Those all make your car heavier and less aerodynamic. Stop at the library this afternoon to drop off the books and remove the roof rack tonight.

6. Take it easy
Put on some calm music, sit back, relax and drive slower, smoother and less aggressively. Unnecessary braking and accelerating not only works on the nerves of everyone around you, it also uses more fuel.

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