Say “NO” to Driving Stress and “YES” to Winning!

by VoiceofPlay 22. January 2013 12:50

Driving through to work in the morning here in South Africa can be rather hectic! If it’s not Taxi’s cutting in front of you, it’s a pedestrian with a death wish or even another driver that seems to have forgotten where their brake pedal is. And let’s not forget sitting still in traffic for half an hour!


By the time you actually get to work, you’re a ball of stress, looking and acting like the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland! And not the Johnny Depp version! Even though the one quote he does say strings a chord about how it is to drive in SA – There is a place. Like no place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger! Some say to survive it: You need to be as mad as a hatter.”


Luckily there’s always justplay waiting for you when get into work! You can unwind and de-stress from your hectic drive in to the office and enter to stand a chance to win awesome prizes like R50, 000 Cash, an iPhone 5, a Trip Around the World and a relaxing getaway for 4 to the Victoria Falls! But we know that winning awesome Cash, Car, Gadget and Getaway prizes won’t help you de-stress completely; that’s why we’ve got some helpful tips to help you decrease your stress on your drive into work:


·         Drive Smart

Sure the idiot in the red BMW cut in front of you or a Taxi decided to stop in the middle of the road and drop off passengers. Instead of slamming your hand on your hooter, rather take a few deep breaths – this will help you relax. Plus, Taxis are used to hearing hooters every day! It’s not like yours will make any difference.    


·         Get Rid Of That Tension

Next time you’re sitting at a red robot – exaggerate the tension you’re feeling by grabbing your steering wheel tightly, hunching your shoulders up towards your ears and if you’re feeling adventurous, scrunch up your face. Hold it for a few seconds and then with one big exhale, let all that tension rush out of you. Repeat this process as much as you like.


·         Posture Perfect

We’re always getting told how important it is to make sure your posture is straight and guess what?... You’re going to hear it again. As you’re driving, make a conscious effort to sit up straight. This will help reduce tension in your back and of course… help better your posture.


·         Blow Off Some Steam

If you’re frustrated, anxious or stressed try letting it out by screaming, making a noise or by singing to your favourite tune! This is a great way to get whatever’s bothering you off your chest! Plus it’s fun to watch how people react while they drive past.


Try some of these de-stressing tips out on your way home this evening and see if they work. If you’re still stressed out after a week or so and find yourself speaking like the Mad Hatter more than usual, we suggest seeing a therapist!


Or you can enter to win some de-stress prizes like a Mangwanani Health and Spa voucher worth R5, 000, a Vespa Scooter to beat the traffic, R20, 000 Cash or an iPad mini! It’s really up to you. Make sure to visit justplay today and have a look at our wide variety of Cash, Car, Gadget and Getaway prizes just waiting to be won! Because the best way to de-stress is have fun and win awesome prizes! 


Happy Playing!

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