Five ways you can have an affordable weekend away in South Africa

by VoiceofPlay 19. July 2017 17:48
Sometimes, an escape from reality is all we really need. It doesn’t always seem so easy though, does it? We think you deserve a break, so we’ve put together some ideas of how you can go on a getaway, without having to break the bank or travel into no-mans-land.


Pump up the epic-ness at your pool party

by VoiceofPlay 5. December 2016 11:02
If you’re anything like us, you’re already planning four pool parties this holiday but there are a few things you’ll need to make your party incredibly, gobsmackingly, fantasticly, and amazingly unforgettable. It’s gonna be the Best. Summer. Ever. You’re welcome.


3 weekend adventures around the corner

by VoiceofPlay 19. August 2016 08:34
A weekend breakaway can do wonders for your soul, mind and body so consider getting away from it all for two days and coming back rejuvenated and ready for action. To help you make a decision, we found a few places you can unwind within spitting distance of three of South Africa’s major cities.


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